Learn How To Sing Better – How The Singingbelt Works

Breathing and Singing: Singing begins and ends with the breath.

Only a small amount of air is needed to actually sing. It is all the air underneath it that supports the voice. You can learn how to sing better within weeks, if you learn to control the breath. The Singingbelt shows you how to maintain breath support by keeping the diaphragm in a flat, expanded position. You will be able to feel immediately, when you are maintaining the breath and when you are letting it go.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been singing for years, diaphragmatic breath support can seem mysterious. The air we use to sing is invisible and we don’t feel the weight of it with our bodies, however air has mass and the air pressure created by the singer can have an enormous amount of energy. Maintaining the diaphragm in a flat position in order to control the breath is the secret to power, sustain, tone, pitch, endurance and effortless singing.

The Singingbelt gives you instant feedback. It pinpoints the muscles you need to use, so even though you still can’t see your diaphragm, you can control it!

Created by acclaimed singer/songwriter and vocal coach, Ruth Gerson, The Singingbelt is a innovative device that trains singers to sing better by using diaphragmatic breath support. The Singingbelt System is a comprehensive method that instructs singers in breath support, breath placement, positioning of the tongue, mouth, palate and jaw, and ear training

With the Singingbelt, the singer finally knows where to stay expanded (beginning at the breastbone, across and all the way around and down the lower back) for the diaphragm to remain flat and support the voice. The Singingbelt double-strap design will not, however, constrict the abdominal wall muscles. The abdomen must remain free to relax and expand as the lungs fill with air, and then engage and assist the oblique and intercostal muscles to keep the lower ribs wide, as air is released in an even, steady stream from the lungs. With the Singingbelt you learn to use your whole core, and have more support than “belly breathing” alone can provide.

The Singingbelt teaches you to keep the air in your lungs where you need it. The air in the lungs is the energy of the voice. Becoming a better singer means learning not to give that air away. It takes practice to learn not to release air with the initiation of sound, through the duration of phrases (leaky tire syndrome) or at the ends of phrases. The singing techniques of the Singingbelt System teach you how you will learn to support the voice in one lesson.

Full Satisfaction Guarantee
Practice 30 mins./day for four weeks and if you don't hear a difference in your voice, return the Singingbelt System within 60 days for a full refund.
About Ruth Gerson
Gerson has taught voice and songwriting as a Forbes College Fellow at Princeton University, and at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco. She is the founder of San Francisco Vocal Coaching and read more

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