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Sing Better In A Snap

How To Sing Better Fast

For less than the cost of a single singing lesson.

Created by critically acclaimed singer songwriter and vocal coach Ruth Gerson, the Singingbelt is an innovative training device made of adjustable nylon straps that is worn to teach the singer how to use the diaphragm and master breath support. It’s unique design targets the muscles of the lower half of the rib cage and lower back without constricting the abdominal wall muscles. It helps the singer physically understand in an instant how to use the muscles of the lower core to maintain the diaphragm in a flexed position for voice support. With the Singingbelt System you can improve your singing immediately – learn how to belt, reduce vocal strain and sing in tune.

Without understanding the mechanics of the diaphragm, it is very difficult to learn to use it to support the voice. Singers stick out their chests, tighten and flex their abs or puff out their bellies. This doesn’t work. Keeping the diaphragm flexed in order to control the breath is easy to understand using the Singingbelt, because the singer can immediately feel when s/he is holding the muscles in position to maintain the air in the lungs. Also, the vocalist becomes immediately aware of when the breath has been given away, making it impossible to support the voice. Many singers push and strain the voice as they try to hit high notes. They force the muscles of the jaw and the throat in an attempt to control the notes. Instead, the singer can utilize the energy of air pressure created when the diaphragm is maintained in a flattened position. When the singer pushes instead of placing the air (correctly in the palate) released to vibrate the vocal cords and make sound, it becomes difficult to sing on pitch. The over-exertion of air pushing through the vocal cords also increases the possibility of causing damage to the voice. With the Singingbelt System and vocal warm-up techniques, the vocalist can learn to sing with a steady, even and resistant breath. The singer can hit high notes and hold notes longer using the abdominal, intercostal and lower back muscles to control the diaphragm which regulates the breath and the air pressure needed to sing.


Ruth is an exceptional singer with a powerful and expressive voice. She is insightful and intelligent and has a great gift for sharing her knowledge of the voice and songwriting with her students. The Singingbelt is ingenious. I’ve seen Ruth work with a singer for an hour and get the results we needed in the studio immediately.

– Rick Chertoff (five time Grammy-nominated producer, Cindy Lauper, Joan Osborne, Sophie B. Hawkins

Discover how to find develop and preserve your voice.

– M Magazine

The easy to follow Singingbelt Instructional DVD and Vocal Warm-up CD will help you learn to control your diaphragm while you sing, so you maintain the air in your lungs and support your voice. It will also instruct the beginner singer in proper breath placement, tongue, palate, mouth and jaw positions, ear training and how to handle diphthongs and difficult intervals.

The most advanced singers will appreciate the Singingbelt, because it is like having their own vocal coach with them while they practice, gently reminding them physically how to maintain breath support. They will notice a rapid improvement in their breath support and find increased range and sustainability of notes within a few weeks or less.

Full Satisfaction Guarantee
Practice 30 mins./day for four weeks and if you don't hear a difference in your voice, return the Singingbelt System within 60 days for a full refund.
About Ruth Gerson
Gerson has taught voice and songwriting as a Forbes College Fellow at Princeton University, and at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco. She is the founder of San Francisco Vocal Coaching and read more

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